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Fleche Luxury Hair Transplant


Dr. Christian Bisanga

FUE Europe Society President.

Internationally renowned FUE surgeon actively involved in research within the industry; President of FUE Europe Society. Founder and owner of BHR Clinic Belgium and BHR Clinic Spain, Dr.Christian Bisanga received his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree in Surgery and obstetrics from Catholic University of Louvain. Dr Bisanga has gained a reputation as one of the top hair transplant doctors in the world, performing Strip and FUE and some of the hardest repair cases possible to the very highest standards. He takes great pride in his artistry of creating natural hairlines and achieving fullness and helping his patients regain their confidence and a more youthful appearance.

FUE is probably known as his greatest passion but he has also performed the largest FUT grown out result in Europe, some 6000 grafts; FUE he has developed over the years and sincerely believes in his protocol being in the best interest of his patients even if it goes against the beliefs of others. As the Vice President of FUE Europe Society, Dr Bisanga recently hosted their annual meeting in Brussels, one of the most successful FUE meeting ever.

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