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Dr. Craig L. Ziering

Dr. Craig L. Ziering is the Founder and Medical Director of Ziering Medical with surgical facilities in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach and Las Vegas. His hair restoration practice is dedicated to providing men and women an in-depth education of all the safe and proven, surgical and non surgical, treatment for hair loss.

As one of the pioneers in male and female hair transplantation methods, Dr. Ziering is continually recognized by associations and organizations dedicated to the art and science of innovative hair replacement. Dr. Ziering is often asked to speak and demonstrate at various conventions and conferences worldwide. His continued dedication to the field has earned him the respect and accolades of his peers.

In 2003, Dr. Ziering was recognized by his peers at the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) for his Whorl Hair Classification System being awarded the prestigious, “Most Original New Idea” at that year’s scientific assembly. Today, the award-winning Ziering Whorl is revolutionizing the way back of the head baldness is treated.

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