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Dr. Nathan Yadun

Founder, YN Hair & Skin Clinic.

He is known for his meticulous and ultra refined work – President of the Association of Hair Surgeons of the Indian Ocean – Founder of International Hair Research Institute. He is also the founder of the International Hair Transplant Clinic (YN Hair & Skin Clinic) in Mauritius in 2015. Always in search of perfection, he has set up a medical team composed only of the best hair surgeons in the world within his clinic.Founder of the NYC Clinic (Nathan Yadun Center) in France in 2008, dedicated to medical facial aesthetics and technical hair transplant UMF © and U²MF ©.

Dr. YADUN Nathan is passionate about non-invasive techniques in the field of hair and facial aesthetics that he masters to perfection. He has been practicing hair transplantation and non-invasive aesthetic medicine since 2003.

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